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Getting The Most Out Of Our Website – How To Use The “Select/Sort and Print Games” Function

We had always found it frustrating, that while there were countless sites that provided handicapping information, there was never a simple way to print a roster of the current days games from them.

You could try to copy and paste from somewhere, but that always screwed up the formats, and for the most part, unless you possessed a lot of Excel expertise, you were stuck with whatever Cntl-V left you with.

No matter what your handicapping regiment is, pretty much everyone wants or needs a list of the games and we have helped to make that a lot easier to get.

We created functionality that gives our users the ability to Select, Sort, and Print games, that we believe is as unique and universally useful a handicapping tool as you can find anywhere on the web.

Below you will find an easy to understand primer on how to use this section of our site.

First of all, to launch the “Select/Sort/Print Tool”

  1. Go to any of the League Drop Downs on our site
  2. Mouse Over “Current Games”
  3. Mouse Over and choose “Select and Print Games”


The initial screen offers a top -line view of the complete current card of games.

Some of the data elements include:

  • Date and Time
  • Rotation Number
  • Opening and Current ML/Line/Total Information
  • Our Projected Scores and Projected ML/ATS/Total Results
  • Notes Section updated with comments on any sides/totals that we may like


To Filter the display:

1. Select any combination of the following variables-

  • Current Line – Select a specific Current Line Range
  • Current Total – Select a specific Current Total Range
  • Date – Select a specific date or date range
  • Time – Use the buttons bar to select a specific range of game start times

2. Then click the “Filter Schedule” button and your results will be displayed.
3. Clicking the “Clear Filters” button will reload all games for display.

At any time you can sort your displayed results by clicking any of the report headings including:

    • Rotation Number
    • Date
    • Time
    • Current Line
    • Current Total
    • Projected Outcome
    • Team Name

To print your current selection:

  1. Click the “Print Preview” button at the top left – you may need to enable popups for this window to open correctly in your browser
  2. Once the display has switched to report view, you can simply press the PRINT button to output the report.
  3. Please note that once you open the report window you can key CNTL-A, to select all, then CNTL-C, to copy, then paste the entire report pre-formatted for you into excel using CNTL-V, if you would prefer to save the output into a spreadsheet.


Something Really Worth Knowing !

We will do a write up of our S.H.A.R.P. query tool at a later date, but in a nutshell the S.H.A.R.P. tool allows you to ask “what-if” questions of our database.

If in your research using our S.H.A.R.P. tool you come across what has been a favorable trend, by clicking the “Find Current Matches” button our site will see if any current games match your S.H.A.R.P. selection criteria, and if they do launch them is the print window.

To us, this feature is invaluable.

Here’s a current and real example of how to use these two tools in concert.

In doing some research this week we noticed that across all history of our College Football database, that for Conference Games played on Neutral Sites, the Favorite has been 60.3% ATS.


When you click the button “FIND CURRENT MATCHES”, the system will seek out any current games that match the selection criteria.

In this case there would be three games returned in the “Select/Sort/Print” View as follows:


(Please note that in this case UMASS shows as a Neutral Site games since they are playing all 2012 Season home games off site while their home stadium under goes renovations.)

Hopefully you agree there can be a lot of value in how quickly and accurately this function can help you to short-list games in your handicapping.

Direct Links To Select/Sort/Print For Football:

To Launch the NFL Link Click Here

To Launch the College Football Link Click Here

If you have any questions, problems, or just want to comment please reach out to us via Twitter @GreyMatterStats .


Thanks and best of luck to everyone.

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