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The Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook’s 100 Games Of The Year – Projected Straight Up And ATS Winners – Results Through 11/03/2012

Thought it would interesting to track how well our summertime projections for these games have held up.

You can find the on-going record in the spreadsheet, but as of 11/03/2012 our Straight Up our record is 33-31, 51.6%, and ATS our record is 33-30, for a 52.4% win percentage.

Over the past two weeks we would have lost a substantial number of games both straight up and ATS, where our win percentage dropped -7.6%.

Perhaps part of the lesson here in regards to the LV Games Of The Year is that there is value in the early weeks that for many reasons can evaporate later in the season.

We will keep this post updated throughout the College Football Season.

* Original Post From The Summer

As many of you know the  Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook released their 100 Games Of The Year lines yesterday for the 2012 College Football season.

Several weeks ago we had posted our 2012 College Football Projected Win Totals and Conference Standings.  Since most of the information was already in place we decided to apply the Game Of  The Year lines against our data and publish our Projected ATS outcomes for these games.

It goes without saying that countless things that go into these projections can and will change between now and when they actually play the games, but we find it informative and interesting on many levels to take our first real look at what our systems are indicating versus these early lines.

To be clear, what we are presenting here is the projected ATS outcomes of these 100 games to be played throughout the coming 2012.  Our system’s projections are based on profiles we have built for each team as well as a series of algorithms that attempt to quantify how well two teams match-up.

Please note that when the season begins for real, our actual weekly projections will almost certainly vary from what we are publishing today due to the fact that current season data becomes more and more integral to our projection methodology as it becomes available.

The screen capture below shows the projected outcomes by game date.  You may also click on the embedded spreadsheet below for a more in depth view of the data.

Some miscellaneous notes and observations:

  • Straight Up we like 66 Favorites and 34 Dogs
  • ATS we like 67 Dogs and 33 Favorites
  • For Neutral Site Games the hosting venue is shown in the rightmost column
  •  On the spreadsheet the data is presented by Game Date as well as by Overlay showing strongest Favorites first


In the embedded Excel workbook below, you will find the following worksheets:


On the Excel Web App toolbar of embedded spreadsheet, if you click the right-most button, View Full Size Workbook, the entire workbook will open for viewing in a new window

We hope you find the information an asset to your handicapping and please visit our free site, GreyMatterStats, where we put this information at your fingertips.

If you find something of interest that you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment or Tweet us @GreyMatterStats

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