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GreyMatterStats – College Football and NFL Rankings

We have been asked often over the past few weeks if we have “power rankings” for football that we could publish in some sort of comparative format.

While we have gone ahead and done this, we need to be clear that these our internal rankings, not “traditional power rankings”. They exist to feed our projection methodology and are shouldn’t be used in the context of validating lines.

In a nutshell our rankings are driven by a long list of statistical categories in combination with a calculation that tries to quantify the quality of a team’s wins and losses.

Our top team will be ranked 100, and the rest will fall in line behind them.

If you are to compare two teams rankings within our system, the difference between them is meaningful in that it represents a weighted measure as to how our system views these two teams in a vacuum. This vacuum does not consider any specific situational factors such as travel, or how a team does coming off a loss, or in conference games versus non-conference games.

With that mouthful said, below you will find our rankings for both College Football and the NFL.

The information is presented alpha by team in the first column. The values across the rows represent the differences from the team in the first column versus all other teams in the league.

So for example in NCAAF if you were to look at Air Force, who we have assigned a value of 85.5 then compare them to Akron, we would show Air Force at a +8.7. Again, that is not a line, it is an internal weighted measure between the two teams.

I am not sure if anyone will find this of value or not, so we would really like to encourage comments and feedback via Twitter at @GreyMatterStats

We hope you find the information an asset to your handicapping and please visit our free site, GreyMatterStats, where we put this information at your fingertips.



NFL Rankings

College Football Rankings

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