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GreyMatterStats – 2012 College Football Side/ Total Selection Tracker Through 09/29/2012

As we wrote so eloquently several days ago, we have decided to start  sharing some of the weekly plays that we like with our users/readers.

In case you missed our explanation you can find it here.

Look for us to publish our thoughts for any sides or totals that we may like on game-day for any weekday contests, and by Friday for all Saturday College Football games.

As promised, in the embedded spreadsheet below you will find our running tally of how we are doing by week and season to date for the College Football.

It is worth noting that we will continue to track the weekly and overall performance of our projected data as we have always done.  For anyone not familiar with our site, we project the outcome of every single game as part of our system.  Any sides/totals that we may share with our readers is independent of our projected data and will be tracked separately.

Some observations:

1. We got off to a bad start losing Thursday/Friday-STD weekdays are not been kind to us.

2. First losing ATS week of the season but overall maintain a more than respectable ATS winning percentage of 59.1%.

3. After a terrible start with our Totals, they came back  to us a bit this week going 3-1-STD for Totals we now stand at 3-5.

4. Hit our only NCAAF ML play with the outright win by Missou as a +105 Dog-STD ML win percent is 42.9% for +$181.

Please note:

  • The first workbook in the spreadsheet, “GMS_RUNNING_TALLY”, running totals by week and overall for money line, ATS, and totals
  • The second workbook in the spreadsheet, “GMS_SELECTED”, detail of all games where we have offered an opinion
  • All dollar figures represent what would have been win/loss figures on assumed $100 wagers, and that for ATS and Totals we will always assume $110 to win $100.



If you have any questions, problems, or just want to comment please reach out to us via Twitter @GreyMatterStats .

Thanks and best of luck to everyone.

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