Our Week 03 NFL Selections

Below you will find some instructions that will help you locate where on our site we display any comments we may have regarding sides and totals that we like.

For all the Sunday games we will have posted our comments by the preceding Saturday.  For games played on any other day we will post our thoughts no later than a few hours prior to kickoff.

There will be times when we change our suggestions to a “NO-PLAY” prior to kickoff due to things such as weather or injury.  When that occurs, in addition to updating the “NOTES” section of our site we will make sure to Tweet the change as well.

For those of you familiar with our site, there is a section title “Select and Print Games” found in the drop down menus for each League.  This section, which allows you to select and print the Current Card Of Games, essentially creates an form from which you can print any and all games selected.  Part of the form is an area labeled, “User Notes”.

For both College Football and the NFL, the User Notes area is be pre-slugged with consensus betting data in cases we are able to calculate such.  Above the Estimated Public Consensus Data is where we will be posting any game selections, ML side, ATS side, or Total that we may have.

In cases where we are posting a selection, you will see directly beneath where it says “User Notes” either *** ML SIDE – FAV/DOG TEAM NAME *** or *** ATS SIDE – FAV/DOG TEAM NAME *** OR TOTAL – OVER/UNDER, followed immediately by some brief thoughts on the selection.

Please note the following:


  • If you chose to print the form as a report, click the Print Preview Button at the top left – you may need to enable popups for this window to open correctly in your browser
  • Once you have click Print Preview and the display has switched from form to report view, you can simply press the PRINT button to output the report.
  • Please note that one you open the report window you can enter CNTL-A, to select all, then CNTL-C, to copy, then paste the entire report pre-formatted for you into excel using CNTL-V. 


If you have any questions, problems, or just want to comment please reach out to us via Twitter @GreyMatterStats .

Thanks and best of luck to everyone.

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