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Our Week 02 NFL Football Selections, And a Brief Story About Them

If you saw our post yesterday about our College Football selections please feel free to skip the missive found below and scroll down until you see the label, “START READING HERE AGAIN”.

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet or anybody who may want to read it again for some strange reason, please continue on.


We have finally decided to start sharing some College and NFL games selections with our Users, and candidly we do it with luke-warm enthusiasm.

When we first started our site, our goal was to become the premier one-stop-shop for handicapping research on the web.  It was very important to us, and it still is, that we are known for providing information and not picks.

Over the seasons as we have gained some traction we would field the question, “Who do you guys like?” many many time.

Our response has always been, “We provide the information to help you make your own picks”.

Yesterday we got asked a number of times, “Who do we like?”.  We happened to take notice that the people who asked us were all guys (or ladies) who we have had many exchanges with; it wasn’t someone who had just stumbled upon us and was asking for picks.

Well it got us thinking that maybe we aren’t giving people enough credit. For the most part we have found our users and the people we interact with to be, really smart handicappers who know their sports.  And if that group thinks enough of us to ask for our opinion then we should be honored to share them instead of being worried about be labeled as a “tout”.

So we are going to start providing some information on games that we like based on our handicapping process, along with a very brief explanation as to why.

Please look for this information to pop up and the end of each week.

We will be alerting our users via Twitter whenever any updates are posted.

We are going to view this as just one more piece of information that we are sharing with the handicapping community and hope you will as well.

Again our mission is to provide data and the access to it, not to hawk picks.


So with that said let me go on the record with the following:

  1. We are in no way, shape, or form a bible for anyone to blindly go by.
  2. Our handicapping process is a mix of math, and research, and experience, and instinct.
  3. Sometimes we are really good, and some times we stink.
  4. We tend to be streaky and history has shown that our best weeks come after two months into the season.
  5. If you see a side we posted and disagree with it, reach out to us.  We would love to have the debate and hear your take on things.
  6. Don’t play any game based solely on suggestions we give.  Play it because you like it, and because you took the time to understand why you like it.
  7. We will be tracking any play that we post in the following spreadsheet.  Please note that we will use closing money line, lines, and totals when calculating outcomes.  There are two worksheet in the spreadsheet, one that tracks the individual games and the other that keeps weekly and running totals.
  8. When we post a side that wins, reach out to us and let’s see if we can figure out what we did right and try to do it again.
  9. When we post a side that loses, reach out to us and let’s see if we can figure out what we missed, and try to not do it again.
  10. When we post a side that loses, I don’t want to hear that we suck, or that we are stupid, or that we are assholes.  The reality is that you are the asshole if you risk your money based on an internet posting without putting any of your own thought into it.

Now that we got all that out of the way, let me tell you how this is going to work.

For those of you familiar with our site, there is a section title “Select and Print Games” found in the drop down menus for each League.  This section, which allows you to select and print the Current Card Of Games, essentially creates an form from which you can print any and all games selected.  Part of the form is an area labeled, “User Notes”.

For both College Football and the NFL, the User Notes area is be pre-slugged with consensus betting data in cases we are able to calculate such.  Above the Estimated Public Consensus Data is where we will be posting any game selections, ML side, ATS side, or Total that we may have.

In cases where we are posting a selection, you will see directly beneath where it says “User Notes” either *** ML SIDE – FAV/DOG TEAM NAME *** or *** ATS SIDE – FAV/DOG TEAM NAME *** OR TOTAL – OVER/UNDER, followed immediately by some brief thoughts on the selection.

Please note the following:


  • If you chose to print the form as a report, click the Print Preview Button at the top left – you may need to enable popups for this window to open correctly in your browser
  • Once you have click Print Preview and the display has switched from form to report view, you can simply press the PRINT button to output the report.
  • Please note that one you open the report window you can enter CNTL-A, to select all, then CNTL-C, to copy, then paste the entire report pre-formatted for you into excel using CNTL-V. 


If you have any questions, problems, or just want to comment please reach out to us via Twitter @GreyMatterStats .

Thanks and best of luck to everyone.

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