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NBA at the All-Star Break

NBA action gets back underway this evening with a 9-game card, but before the games tip this evening, let’s take a look at some trends and records during the first-half of the season.

– Favs slightly outpaced Dogs, covering 51.6% of the time.
– However, large favorites (12.5pts+) covered 72.4% of the time.
– Unders finally came down a bit, and ended the halfway mark at 54.0%.
– However when the total was 207pts+, the Under hit 81.8% of the time.
– Our projections, which should always be taken with a grain of salt, were best when the spread was between 2.5 and 6.5., netting $3,730 if you bet $110 on each of our line projections in that range.
– Our projections also do well when the P Line Delta (defined as the favorite’s projected score minus the underdog’s projected score minus the closing line; a negative number indicates the underdog with the line, and a positive number indicates the favorite against the line) is either very “negative” or very positive.
– The Clippers and Bulls lead the league in covers at 60% each. The Bobcats and Wizards continue to bring up the rear (34% and 30% respectively).
– For totals, the only thing that jumps out is the Knicks, which went under in 71% of their games in the first-half of the season.
– Miami has not been a dog at all this season.

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