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2011 World Series Prices and Projection

The World Series starts today, and as of this writing the series odds are as follows:

Texas Rangers   -165

St Louis Cardinals   +145

The announced scheduled starters as of right now are:

                     Texas Rangers                            St. Louis Cardinals

Game 1        C.J. Wilson                                    Chris Carpenter

Game 2        Colby Lewis                                  Jamie Garcia

Game 3        Not Yet Announced                       Kyle Lohse

Game 4        Not Yet Announced                       Edwin Jackson

We have run the data for the full  series,  but want to caution you that for games in which a starting pitcher is “Not Yet Announced”, that we used our best guess as to a probable starter.

Please keep in mind, that our actual Projections may change from game to game based on the head to head series data, but our “Pre-Series”  Projection is the Cardinals in six games.

In Game 1, which St. Louis is -120, we are Projecting the Cardinals to win 3-2; you can find the game breakdown here – World Series Game 1 Analysis.

It is worth noting, that while the Rangers have been the team that we have forecast most successfully, at 59.3%, the Cardinals have been one our worst, at 45.7%; so something has to give here as far as our system data goes.

You can view our Outcomes Success Rates by Teams here, MLB Outcomes Success Rates.

The Rangers are favored in the Series for a reason;  They have shown they have been a complete team throughout the season, and the playoffs.

They may have to get by Carpenter twice, but they handled Verlander without too much trouble.

The Cardinals are the classic example of a team that gets hot at the right time.

In the past 30 days, their pitching has stepped up and their bats have been on fire, and those bats could cause problems for the lefties on the Ranger staff.

St. Louis also has La Russa, who has been integral to the Cardinals post-season success.

Our system Projection aside, from a purely analytical perspective you would have to go with the Rangers, but funny things tend to happen when you mix in a hot team with home field advantage, playing with house money.

In our opinion, the Cardinals are worth a look for the series at +145, with a “buy back” if things aren’t going according to plan.


We hope you find the information an asset to your handicapping and please visit our free site, GreyMatterStats, where we put this information at your fingertips.

If you find something of interest that you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment or Tweet us  @GreyMatterStats

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