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Kickoff is Coming Soon

August 22, 2011

With the kickoff of the football season just a few weeks away, GreyMatterStats is proud to announce the launch of our new interface.

For those of you new to us, GreyMatterStats aggregates and provides data that any sports handicapper would love to have, but few have the time or the skill set to do themselves. While we do project the outcomes of games as part of our overall analysis, we are not a tout service, selling picks. At times throughout a season, as certain statistical trends or angles come to our attention, we will point them out to our users, but we will never recommend specific selections.

We currently follow the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, and MLB, and are hoping to have the NHL online in the fall.

Users that choose to register can set the time zone that they want to see the current games displayed in, and enroll to receive any email notifications we may send.

Our site is there to help you do your own research, and our goal was to improve it with you, the user, in mind.

Over the past months, we have taken many of the suggestions that our users have provided and incorporated them into an even more robust and user friendly application…

Some of the enhancements you will find are: 

 Current Games

 Detail View

  • Estimated Public Betting Consensus is now displayed on the Game Snapshot tab
  • New Head to Head tab that shows not only the past results of two teams, but also their historic points for and against in the specific game situations –For MLB, in addition to the team breakdowns, we offer pitcher specific head to head analysis
  • Head to Head tab also now offers matchup specific trends between two teams for Money Line, Line, and Totals
  • Match Up tab now includes a rank that makes it easier to compare key indicators – Instead of trying to figure out how 22.8 first downs/game compares to 18.1 first downs/game, you can quickly see that it is the 1st ranked team versus 22nd ranked team for this indicator
  • Sortable Results tab now shows the closing Money Line win/loss figure for each game

Select and Print Games

  • Now includes the  Estimated Public Betting consensus in the User Notes section as well as the scheduled starting pitcher and Run Line for MLB games
  • The ability to click on the column headings to sort the display in a desired format prior to printing- For example, if you only selected to see games that were scheduled to start for noon to 2:00PM, once selected you could then click the Time heading to sort your selected output by game start time

Actual Cover Rates, Projected Outcomes Success Rates, and Analysis Graphs

  • Now displayed in an easier to view and query-able format



  • The Sortable Results tab now shows the closing Money Line win/loss figure for each game
  • The Detailed Team Stats tab now includes a league ranking for each key indicator- For MLB team data, this tab also shows the team starting pitchers and their ERA and league ranking
  • A Trends tab is now displayed showing team specific Money Line, Line, and Total trends


  • In house, we have always used a ranking system in various parts of our system.  We now display these internal team ranks by league.   The ranking is an overall team rank that is derived via an algorithm that weights the quality of wins/losses in conjunction with overall statistical performance across several key indicators.

Research Tools


  • Formerly known as the Data Mining Tool, this section has been enhanced to allow users to dig even deeper into “what-if” scenarios and use that research to allow the system to find current games that match criteria you find favorable – For example, if you find that in the NFL where the line was between a pick and 3, and the total was between 37.5 and 40, that the dog was covering 57.3% ATS, by simply clicking FIND CURRENT MATCHES the system will return all current games that match your selected criteria.

Starting Pitcher Cover Rates

  • This new query tool allows MLB handicappers the unique ability to see how scheduled starting pitchers have done against the Money Line, Line, and Total in a number of different scenarios.  Additionally, pitchers that are scheduled to start that day are highlighted in green.

Starting Pitcher ERA Rank

  • This display shows the user a quick snapshot of starting pitchers by their ERA Rank and can be ordered a number of different ways.  Additionally, pitchers that are scheduled to start that day are highlighted in green.  Please note a minimum number of starts is required to qualify for a ranking.

Results Archive

  • This new section allows users to go back and see historic results that include not only closing Money Line, Line, and Total data but also our systems projected outcome data for each game.  Please note that the amount of historic data varies for each league based on what we included in our projection process.

Daily Outcomes Report Card

  • This new section provides win/loss percentages on how successful our projection methodology has been for season to date, week to date, and daily by league.

To our existing users, welcome back to another football season.

For those of you new to our site, we hope you take the time to visit.

If you like what we are doing, please pass along a link to anyone who may be interested- it would be very much appreciated.

Any questions, comments, or feedback would be welcome.

Thanks for your time.

The Staff @ GreyMatterStats.com

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